Behind this line of wine which was launched in 2017, I stand, Sebastian Erbeldinger, a young winemaker with his roots in Bechtheim, one of the most renowned vineyard regions in Germany. The Winery is located outside the village in our most important vineyard – the “Bechtheimer Heiligkreuz”. Although this line of wine is still very young, the foundation was laid in 1899 by my great-great-Grandpa (Sebastian Erbeldinger), when he settled amidst the Bechtheim vineyards and established a small settlement known today as Bechtheim-West. Through him and my grandfather (also Sebastian Erbeldinger), I received my name and he became a central point in my line of wine. After three years of training to become a Winemaker in the Wineries “Weingut Gröhl”, “Weingut Oekonomierat Rebholz” and “Weingut Philipp Kuhn”, I now study viticulture and oenology in the town of Geisenheim.

Sebastian Erbeldinger mit Ralf Erbeldinger, Sie probieren gerade Wein in Bechtheim- West vom Weingut Erbeldinger


20 years old.

Aducation as a vintner in three top class winery´s. 

Studying viticulture & oenology in Geisenheim.

Logo des Anbaugebiets Rheinhessen, Das Weingut Erbeldinger und die Weinlinie Sebastian Erbeldinger liegen in Rheinhessen,

growing region

The winery is located in the biggest  wine growing region of Germany, calls Rheinhessen.

Sebastian Erbeldinger ist Mitglied bei der Generation Riesling, das Weingut Sebastian Erbeldinger ist Mitglied bei der Generation Riesling,
Mainzer Weinsalon


We are a member of the young winemaker association's 

"Generation Riesling" and "Mainzer Weinsalon"

Icon von Sebastian Erbeldinger. Diese drei Linien bilden die Grundpfeiler der Weinlinie Sebastian Erbeldinger, Weingut Erbeldinger,


These three lines form the pillars of Sebastian Erbeldinger’s own line of wine and our entire existence. They each stand for source, identity and vision.    
The lower pillar symbolizes the source and the origin, which are anchored like the roots of our grapevines in the southern Rheinhessen region. It also embodies our ancestors, who back in 1899, laid the foundation for our estate when the eponymous great-great-grandfather of Sebastian Erbeldinger settled amidst the Bechtheim vineyards. The highest pillar, in contrast, represents the Winery’s perspective and view on the future of weinmaking. The middle pillar symbolizes the fusion of origin and vision – identity. It stands for the unification of source and vision. Our distinct winemaking touch, the winery and the individuals themselves have shaped and have been shaped by these three pillars.

This embodies exactly what we vinify.

-vineyard sites- 



HEILIGKREUZ is a south-facing Bechtheim vineyard area situated about 170 meters above sea level. Its limestone-rich loess soil features clay elements.

“ym Heyligen Creuz,” as it was once called, was the site of a pilgrimage church with a fountain and a large cross.

It served as a resting point for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. So the location got its name... HEILIGKREUZ, German for holy cross.

Today, it’s not merely a very valuable wine-growing area, but also the home of our winery. HEILIGKREUZ wines are the flagships of winemaker Sebastian Erbeldinger.



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